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out5 with the Royal North-West Mounted Police,

who for twenty-four months had been scouring
every nook and cranny of the North-West for his

Scarcely did we think, on that bright day in
1897 when this news reached our camp, that this
young Indian, hardly out of his boyhood., was
destined soon to make the greatest single-handed
stand in all the history of the North American

Almighty Voice, giant young son of Sounding
Sky and Spotted Calf (my adopted mother)^ had
two years before been arrested by the mounted
police for killing a range steer that belonged to
the Government of the North-West Territories,
He had thought that it was one of a small herd
that had been given to his father. This occurred
on the One Arrow Indian Reserve, fourteen miles
from Duck Lake, Assiniboia, now Saskatchewan,
where there wras a large settlement of half-breeds
and a mounted-police post.

Almighty Voice had been taken to Duck Lake
and placed in the mounted-police guard-house.
One of the mounted police in charge of the Duck
Lake Post, Corporal Casimar Dickson, jokingly
told Almighty Voice, through an interpreter,
that they were 'going to hang him for killing that
steer*. The corporal did this 'to scare him", he
said. But little did he realize the terrible effect

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